“Pressing on Toward the Goal”

by admin on October 4, 2013

Posting a blog is new to me. And it’s something many of my mentors have explained as a good thing.  I’ve been working on building my business, Lavender Butterfly, for just over a year. I have ideas of what I envision my business to look like and what it can offer to others.  But one thing I haven’t really done is to write down my goals. So I thought I’d do that now and share it with those who will read my blog.

As I began to think about my goals and what I wanted to write, a book of mine, The Women’s Devotional Bible – New International Version, kept drawing my attention.  So I sat down with it.  In the back is an index of different subjects covered in The Women’s Devotional Bible and I looked up GOALS.  I was surprised to see that only one entry had been discussed concerning Goals.  The article referenced Philippians 3:13 which reads, ” Brothers, I do not consider myself yet to have taken hold of it.  But one thing I do:  Forgetting what is behind and straining toward what is ahead”.

Anne Ortlund, an award winning musician and author of several books, commented on the daily entry.  It reads, ” ‘Forgetting what is behind’! We’re little amateur psychologists these days, trying to remember all our past – bringing up why our mothers did this and our fathers did that – to explain all our idiosyncrasies and quirks. The Bible doesn’t so deal with us.  It pronounces us sinners and then says to get on with it, to look up and forward!”

As I read these words today, my shoulders felt like a bit of the load has been eased. If I am to meet my goals for my Lavender Butterfly business, then I need to forget the things behind me and just keep moving ahead. Several mentors have commented to keep moving forward and I guess after reading these words today I finally understand.  I believe God has given the experiences in my past to put me where I am today.  And I’m loving where I am today!!!

So as I think of my goals for business, one will certainly be that I commit to honoring those who give me the privilege to share with them the relaxation of Reiki and Raindrop Technique® to help them reduce stress from their lives, so they can leave the past behind and learn to look forward too.




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